Friday, October 20, 2006

The People's Machine on TV and Web

With Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa taking political hits for adultery, the LA Times asked me to examine how Schwarzenegger escaped damage for his bad behavior. The Arnold rules of damage control are here.

Bloomberg-Schwarzengger makes an unconstitutional but alluring presidential ticket. I examine the history of New York-California independent presidential campaigns in the LA Times.

Elsewhere in the media, Michael Grunwald, writing in Time magazine, compares Schwarzenegger and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and cites The People's Machine here.

Also, TPM is cited in this profile of California Teachers Assn. president Barbara Kerr, who has been both a Schwarzenegger ally and foe.

Check out my piece in Politico on how ballot measures will shape the California presidential primary.

Rachel Smolkin, managing editor for the American Journalism Review, interviewed me about The People's Machine on Book TV.

- my interview with the Santa Barbara Independent.


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