Wednesday, September 06, 2006


p. 5. "In 1848, the Swiss adopted a constitution that allowed citizens to overturn laws."

CORRECTION: The Swiss adopted a constitution in 1848 that allowed its citizens to vote on laws. But the citizens' referendum -- allowing them to overturn -- did not become part of the constitution until 1874. Hat tip to Bruno Kaufmann, a journalist and project director of a worldwide conference on direct democracy scheduled for May 2008 in Switzerland.

p. 34. Schwarzenegger earned a "vocational high school degree."

CORRECTION: There was no such "vocational high school degree, writes Guenter Bischof, director of the University of New Orleans' Center Austria. Schwarzenegger, after completing elementary school and junior high, did complete a vocational apprenticeship program. As part of the program, he worked at a business that sold wood and other hardware supplies. But Bischof writes that his successful completion of this apprenticeship does not constitute a high school degree. He never received the high school diploma that is a prerequisite for attending university in Austria.

p. 68. "... Shawn Steel and a deputy, Tim Clark."

CORRECTION. Clark was a political consultant, not a deputy to party chairman Steel.

p. 115. a sign that read "Shawn Steel Is Nuts."
CORRECTION. The sign said: "Shawn Steel is a Lunatic."

p. 189. "Garry South, a lead campaign strategist for Davis, said there was so much information publicly available about Schwarzenegger that the governor's team never did formal opposition research on him."

CLARIFICATION: An opposition researcher for Davis says that the campaign did produce a folder on Schwarzenegger by campaign's end.


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