Thursday, March 11, 2010

Recent Work and Upcoming Events

Here is my recent work along with a schedule of upcoming events, including the 2010 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in San Francisco this summer, July 31-Aug. 4. That's a free, public event, though I'm seeking sponsors who can help subsidize the travel costs of experts from around the world who otherwise could not afford to attend. More details -- including registration info -- at

I'm also pleased to announce that my new book, California Crackup: How Reform Broke the Golden State and How We Can Fix It, co-authored with Mark Paul, will be published this summer by the University of California Press. You can pre-order here, and if you're inclined to pre-order, I suggest you order a paperback--it's a paperback original, and the hardcover price is astronomical. If you do order, please be sure to type in the following source discount code -- 10M9071 -- so you save 20 percent.


March 25 in Sacramento. Speech to the California Budget Project conference, 9 a.m., Sacramento Convention Center. "Roadblocks and Reform: Is This The Year We 'Fix' California?" More info here.

April 16 in Davis, Calif. Speech with Mark Paul, noon at Boom/California Studies Association conference, "Failed State?", at UC Davis, The Lodge @ The Rec Pool. More details here.

April 22 in Los Angeles, 7:30 p.m., moderator, Zocalo Public Square event, "Would California Be Better Off As Its Own Country?" at the Autry National Center in Griffith Park. More detailed to be announced.

May 25 in Los Angeles
, 7:30 p.m., moderator, Zocalo Public Square event, "Zurich vs. LA: Which is the World's Most Democratic City?" at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy. More detais to be announced.

2010 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
, San Francisco, UC Hastings College of the Law, Louis B. Mayer Student Center, 198 McAllister. All information is here.


Newspaper: "Taking the Ink Out of Signatures," in the Los Angeles Times, Feb. 14.

Newspaper: "The Hummer and Schwarzenegger: They Probably Won't Be Back," in the Washington Post, February 28. =

"Arnold's Third Term" in the Daily Beast, March 7, "Meg Whitman's Hiding Game," in the Daily Beast, Feb. 22. and "How Obama Lost Arnold," in the Daily Beast, Jan. 14.

Radio: On KPBS Radio (San Diego) "These Days," on Jan. 12, to talk about the Prop 8 trial. On KOGO-AM in San Diego, Feb. 12, 6:05 p.m. and Jan. 11, 7:05 p.m. (podcasts here). And on "Off the Presses with Brendan Huffman," Jan. 14.

Fox & Hounds Daily columns: "Is None of the Above the Smart Choice in Governor's Race?", Feb. 26. "Not the End of the Line for Con Con," Feb. 17. "Jerry, Meg and Confucius," Feb. 13. "My Interview With Whiskey and Bacon," Jan. 13. And other recent Fox & Hounds columns here.

Internet post: "California, Get Your Act Together," March 1, at

Blog: in Politico's The Arena.

Direct democracy blog:
Blockbuster Democracy at New America.

Quote: "How the Initiative Culture Broke California," in Time magazine. "Constitutional Convention Effort Near Collapse," in Ventura County Star, Feb. 10. "Brown's Tenure as Attorney General: Play it Safe," in the Associated Press. "Little Known Law is Blocking Path To Brown's Papers," in Contra Costa County times. "Another Long Budget Battle Expected," in Sacramento Bee, Jan. 19. "Feinstein, Boxer Lash Out at Governor's Demands," in San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 10.


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