Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pick Up

That's the old newspaper term for when your story gets picked up elsewhere. Today, I'm quoted in this Sacramento Bee story on IOUs (I take the pessimistic view that the state's leaders are incapable of negotiating a way out of the budget predicament).

And my recent story in the Washington Post got a mention Wednesday during the governor's press briefing in Sacramento. From the transcript:
QUESTION: This budget situation is getting a lot of attention nationally. People are saying that California is a laughing stock. Are you embarrassed for California?
GOVERNOR: I'm proud of California, even though we have our crisis. But no one should point fingers, because as you can see, there are more than 30 states right now that have their fiscal year starting today that also don’t have a budget. So let's not go and get carried away and just look at California, as we are the only state that cannot manage the budget.
And also, on top of it, people always say that the United States maybe has to bail out California and all of those things. And I think that Joe Mathews had a good story just recently in the paper where he talked about who is to say that the United States should bail us out? We are actually in much better shape than the United States, because if you look at us we have only 4 percent of debt of our GDP and look at what the United States has -- it is $14 trillion of GDP and we have $11 trillion debt. So that's a whole different ballgame. So we are in much better shape than the United States is.
So all we need to do is just really deal with reality and deal with those cuts, that are very painful for some people here in this building and then move on. And we will get the loans and then try to get out of this financial crisis. OK?


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