Thursday, February 12, 2009

Latest F&H Columns: Budget Deal, LA Times, etc.

I write a twice-weekly column for the California business and politics web site Fox & Hounds Daily. Here are links to some of the latest comments.

On the California budget deal: "The Deal Is Terrible. Pass It Now"; "Cowards, Bullies and Bluffs"; "Cool! Our Own Boston Tea Party!"; "Selling Public Bonds Privately." And "Tax Reform Now, Or At Least a Rough Draft."

On the media: What Does the Death of the LA Times Local Section Mean?

On labor organizing and the federal bill, The Employee Free Choice Act: "A Way to Fix EFCA" and "The Fiction of Business' 'Secret Ballot' Argument."

On highway infrastructure: "A Southern California Test of Obama's Promises."

On Arnold: "The 'I Got Nothing' Speech" and "Some Founders Worried About Actors in Power."


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