Thursday, November 20, 2008


Becoming a senior fellow at the New America Foundation has been a big adjustment. One of the strangest things: I'm no longer only the guy asking questions. Sometimes, reporters are interviewing me, usually about the ballot initiative process.

In this Oakland Tribune story, I try to explain why California initiatives draw so many legal challenges. (The short version: the inflexibility of California's initiative system, which requires that any law established by initiative be changed only by another vote of the people, leaves opponents little choice but to go to court).

In this story in the Salt Lake City Tribune, I again question the wisdom of targeting the Mormon Church for protests after the passage of Prop 8, the California initiative to ban same-sex marriage. The protests are counterproductive for the cause of marriage equality.

And in this story from the San Diego Union-Tribune, I'm quoted on Gov. Schwarzenegger's political future.


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